NORPASS Pre-Pass Partnership

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has teamed up to allow truck drivers with PrePass membership to bypass weigh stations connected with the NORPASS system. WSDOT posted on its website information on the enrollment process for weigh stations and truck drivers. This service adds 23 new weigh stations within Alaska, Connecticut, Washington, New York, Idaho, and South Dakota.

NORPASS Transponder

WSDOT operates the NORPASS transponder-based systems in many states. HELP Inc. provides PrePass memberships and has agreed to let WSDOT allow truck drivers to use a transponder to bypass weigh stations at PrePass and NORPASS sites.

Trucks driving on the highway towards a weigh station will be weighed by scales on the road. A small automatic transponder mounted to the truck observes the vehicle’s signals. Transponders permit drivers to bypass weigh stations. Transponders have ten numbers that are used to characterize the truck and carrier. A computer then manages the information taken from the carrier and truck and tracks the weight and size of the truck, motor carrier’s safety reports, and registration.

Depending on the motor carrier’s safety score, truck weight, and passes, drivers will get a green light that means they can continue driving. However, if they do not pass, they will get a red light, which means they need to register at a weigh station and get inspected. Having a transponder allows safe and obedient trucks on the road; it also increases highway safety and lowers travel time.

PrePass and NORPASS are user-friendly and can be used between the two different methods.

Passing Weigh Stations without Permission

Installing a transponder in your truck is convenient when you have a deadline. However, there is always a chance that the driver may still be required to pull into a weigh station for several reasons. This can cause the driver to become frustrated as this adds time to the route and may put the load delivery time behind schedule.

It is not recommended to pass a weigh station even with having a PrePass or NORPASS after being instructed to pull in. Doing so will not only cost you more time on the road but you may also be presented with a fine. If you pass a required pull-in, a law enforcement officer will follow you until you reach the next inspection station. Once arriving at the inspection station, the officer can decide to perform a Level 1 inspection and add more violations to the driver’s record, along with violations for passing the weigh station illegally.

Benefits of PrePass or NORPASS

Obtaining a PrePass or NORPASS membership has its advantages. Read below to find the benefits of being able to bypass weigh stations.

  • Save up to 1.5 – 4.5 minutes per weigh station that is bypassed.
  • Traffic at the weigh station is decreased. This lowers the possibility of freight trucks lining up at the station and spilling over onto the off-ramps or freeways.
  • This prevents building bigger weigh stations to accommodate added CV overcrowding.
  • Inspectors can now concentrate more on higher-risk motor carriers traveling the highways, creating a safer roadway for all drivers.
  • Motor carriers that carry good safety ratings will not have to go through as many inspections.

Registering for NORPASS

Those who have already enrolled with PrePass can now use their transponders at all NORPASS sites or in Oregon Green Light. However, customers must first contact the PrePass customer service line at 1-800-773-7277. During the registration procedure, trucking companies will need to submit the completed HELP’s data privacy policy waiver. Doing so allows HELP to distribute the data collected from the transponder to WSDOT. If you are already a PrePass customer, you are not charged any additional fees to enroll your PrePass transponder with the NORPASS program or to join.

Once you have completed the enrollment procedure, PrePass drivers should have smooth driving ahead by being able to bypass NORPASS sites.