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Landstar Heavy Haul Load Board

Heavy haul trucking is in high demand here at Secrest Direct – a Landstar Agent. We specialize in heavy haul trucking and is one of the company’s strong points. At Landstar, we offer removable goosenecks, double drops, multi-axles, extendable, steerable, and Schnabel trailers that are available for owner-operators to lease.

Benefits of Landstar Heavy Haul Load Board

Access to Loads

Access to Loads

  • Pick and choose your type of load and where you want to haul.
  • Owner-operators are 100% non-forced dispatch at Landstar, and the Load Board helps you keep your freedom.
  • Choose your load based on the origin, destination, rate, trailer type, and more!
Load Alerts

Load Alerts

  • With the Landstar Load Board, you can set Load Alerts based on your search criteria.
  • While resting, eating lunch, or doing your pre-trip inspection, Load Alerts is working behind the scenes of searching through thousands of loads for you.
  • Once a load is found that meets your search criteria, receive a notification, and book your own load!
  • Let Load Alerts find and secure loads for you!
Mobile App

Mobile App

  • Landstar Available Loads is available right at your fingertips.
  • Having quick access to the Landstar Load Board keeps you loaded and one the road.
  • Loads found on the mobile app are the same as those on

Heavy Haul Load Board Demonstration

Still, want more information about the heavy haul load board? Want to see firsthand how Landstar Freight Load Board and Load Alerts work?

Landstar offers daily demonstrations of the Landstar Freight Load Board. By reviewing the demonstration, can help you better understand how you can use the load board to your advantage and maximize your revenue by reducing your miles on the road.

Load Board Demonstration

Once you have set your criteria and you receive your results,
additional information will be shown, such as:

  • Additional payments
  • Company
  • Contact numbers
  • Linehaul
  • Origin and destination limits
  • Miles
  • Rate-per-mile
  • Trailer type

A Look Inside Landstar’s Load Board

Learn More about Landstar Load Board

Our owner-operators brag about the flexibility and reliability that the Landstar Load Board offers. You can see for yourself. Landstar offers daily demonstrations of the Landstar Load Board.

If you are interested in learning more about the Heavy Haul Load Board and how it works, contact us today to view a live demonstration. If you are interested in leasing on with Landstar and becoming an owner-operator, call us at 877-441-9128.