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Landstar Owner-Operator Flatbed Load Board

If you are a flatbed owner-operator looking to partner with the best – partner with Landstar today. Our Load Board keeps you moving and lets you decide if and where you want to go – no more taking orders from others. Be your own boss today.

Landstar Load Board

With the free Landstar Load Board, owner-operators stay loaded and never miss a load. Having access to the online load board is simple for all to use, along with different search tools you can use to find a specific load. The load board is equipped with thousands of available loads. It gives you the freedom to manage your business the way you want without interfering with your personal life. Being able to pre-plan your routes can keep you closer to home and never miss out on those crucial moments in your life.

Landstar Load Board
Setting Up the Load Board

Setting Up the
Load Board

Setting up and finding the Landstar’s Load Board is simple and easy for all. Type in “Available Loads” in your app store on your Android or iOS phone or tablet to find the mobile app. Once the app has been downloaded, you will need to sign in with your LandstarOnline username and password. The Load Board is only accessible to Landstar owner-operators. Owner-operators say the mobile app makes it easier to search and book loads.

Managing Load
Board Alerts

One benefit of being a Landstar owner-operator is the ability to pre-plan your trips out on the road. Owner-operators who do not have access to the load board find it overwhelming, not knowing where their next load is coming from. Also, not being able to pre-plan your trips can often cause a lot of downtime. Excessive downtime can result in loss of revenue. However, one useful feature of the load board is to search and pre-plan your next load.

Managing Load Board Alerts
  • It is hard to search for the next load when driving down the road. The load board offers owner-operators the feature of the Load Alerts. Load Alerts will search for available loads meeting your specific needs while you are driving. You will be notified when a load meeting your criteria is available.
  • To set up the Load Board Load Alerts, you must set your specific criteria within the app. Once you have saved your specific load searches, the Load Alerts will search for available loads near you. Once a load is matched with your criteria, you will be notified by either phone or email.
  • At the same time, it is impossible to watch the load board while you are traveling down the road. Landstar has another great tool called Load Alerts that will watch the load board for you. Load Alerts is an exclusive feature that continually searches the load board for you. At the same time, you can focus on operating your truck safely.
  • Load Alerts has another feature known as “Follow Me.” This feature will reset your beginning point every time you choose a load, then the function will begin looking for new outgoing loads. Think of it as your own personal employee or dispatcher. However, you are in control of your loads, instead of someone else.

Once you have set your criteria, and you receive your results,
additional information will be shown, such as:

  • Additional payments
  • Company
  • Contact numbers
  • Line haul
  • Origin and destination limits
  • Miles
  • Rate-per-mile
  • Trailer type

Learn More about Landstar Load Board

Our owner-operators brag about the flexibility and reliability that the Landstar Load Board offers. You can see it for yourself. Landstar offers daily demonstrations for our owner-operators of the Landstar Load Board.

If you are interested in learning more about the Load Board and how it works, contact us today to view a live demonstration. If you are interested in leasing on with Landstar and becoming an owner-operator, call us at 877-441-9128.