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Earn More with Percentage Pay and Choose Loads that Meet your Business Needs.

Dry Van Load Board

Find dry van loads when and where you want to go!

  • Long haul coast to coast
  • Short haul within the same city
  • Live load/unload
  • No-touch drop and hook

No trailer? No problem!

If you do not have a trailer you can haul ours. Owner-operators can pull a Landstar dry van trailer with no weekly trailer fee.

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Earn More with Landstar Load Board

With the Landstar Load Board, you are not only limited to a few loads at a time. Instead, owner-operators can search for related dry van loads 24/7. When a load is posted that matches your criteria, you are instantly notified of the requirements, and you can accept to haul that load in a matter of seconds. Different criteria searches can include destination, origin, rate-per-mile, trailer type, weight, and revenue.


In 2018, the average gross revenue per truck was $178,000 not including fuel.

Pre-plan your routes and reduce downtime

Reduce Downtime and Pre-plan Your Routes

One of the most significant benefits of leasing with Landstar as an owner-operator is having access to the Load Board and being able to pre-plan your drives. By pre-planning your dry van loads. there is less downtime with the Landstar Load Board continuously working for you. You can have a load booked before you even empty your truck from your current haul. This will enable you to be more in charge of your time. If you are ready to hit the road again, simply book another load. This also allows owner-operators to be more involved with their families back home. If you know an important occasion is coming up, you can book loads closer to your family to be right there with them during those special times.

Exclusive Mobile App for Owner-Operators

Spend Less Time Searching for Loads

Drivers have access to the Landstar’s Load Board right at their fingertips. Accessing the app is no different from using the online version at Having the Load Board accessible right at your fingertips can help save time and make it easier to search and book loads. The app uses loads available from the Landstar load board to create the multi-leg runs based on the user’s search criteria. The technology is designed to help BCOs spend less time searching for loads, with less downtime between loads. The Load Board is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

Exclusive mobile app

Landstar Load Alert Tips

Have your OWN Personal Dispatcher in the Palm of your Hands

Once you have saved a search matching you with specific loads, within the Load Board, you will receive Load Alerts. You can obtain these alerts anytime throughout the day. Load Alerts are working behind the scenes to ensure there are new loads available for you. When a load is matched with your specific criteria, the Load Alerts will send an email or call you to give you the details of the particular load. Load Alerts also has a feature called “Follow Me.” This feature allows the app to track your locations to help ensure it finds you the best outbound loads near your location.

Learn More about Landstar Load Board

Our owner-operators brag about the flexibility and reliability that the Landstar Load Board offers. You can see it for yourself. Landstar also offers our owner-operators daily demonstrations on how to operate the Landstar Load Board.

If you are interested in learning more about the Load Board and how it works, click here to view a live demonstration. If you are interested in leasing on with Landstar and becoming an owner-operator, call us today at 877-441-9128.