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Maximum the freedom and support services dedicated to making your business more successful.

When you lease on with Secrest Direct, you get to be your own boss and develop your own business the way you want to. This is just one of the many owner-operator perks! With Landstar, you get to choose your own loads that best meet your needs. You can go home when you want, so you do not miss those important moments with your family.

Ask about our BCO retention department and Landstar support services.

100% Freedom. 100% Non-forced Dispatch

Become Your Own Boss and Choose your Own Loads with Competitive Rates

With other companies, you are told what you must haul, when to haul it, and how long you have to be out on the road on a week-to-week basis. Not with Landstar. When leasing on with Landstar, you get to be your own boss. You run your business the way you wish. You determine which type of loads you haul when on the road pulling your own trailer or a trailer provided by Landstar, and when you want to be home. Landstar is 100% Non-Forced Dispatch; we do not force loads. You are in control of your success.

  • Weekly settlements & fuel advances

    Landstar owner-operators receive weekly percentage pay settlements delivered for one week ending approximately three days before the designated settlement day. In 2018, the average gross revenue per truck was $178,000.

  • Percentage pay vs. cents per mile

    Rather than chasing miles, Landstar owner-operators receive a 65 to 75% of each load they haul and can maximize their earning potential since they choose their own loads.

  • 100% of fuel surcharges and tarp fees

    100% of fuel surcharges and tarp fees are passed onto Landstar owner operators.

  • Available loads

    With Landstar’s Load Board, you never have to worry about not having an available load to haul. Since you will have access to multiple loads daily, there is less of a chance of having downtime. While you are unloading, our Load Board is behind the scenes searching for other loads near your location. You can accept or deny these loads depending on your specific needs. You can also save a search that way any loads you are notified of always fit your specifications.

  • Landstar Savings Plus

    With the Landstar Savings Plus is a program for owner-operators that provides ways to reduce business costs and improve revenue. This Pay2Day card gives you savings on things such as tires, fuel, and more. The Landstar Savings Plus card is available to all owner-operators with no credit requirement or monthly fees.

BCO Support and Revenue Tools

We Have Your Back

While you are an owner-operator and you control your own business, Landstar and the DUV agency is never far behind you. We believe in our drivers and wish nothing but success. We are with you every step of the way, providing you with tools, support, and training to ensure you have a successful business.

BCO safety & business education

BCO safety & business education

Ongoing education and safety training are set up to help BCOs increase revenue plus run their businesses better and more efficiently.

Secured access to loads

Secured access to loads

Thousands of available loads accessible 24/7 from a computer, laptop, or with our Available Loads Mobile App. Load Board demonstrations are offered daily. Call us at 877-441-9128.

LCCAP savings

LCCAP savings

Save on fuel, tires, new and used trucks and trailers, equipment, maintenance and repairs, and much more…



Two-day orientation to help new BCOs learn about the Landstar's safety culture, how to use the revenue tools, and how to run a profitable trucking business.

Personalized support

Personalized support

Single point of contact for all things Landstar plus ongoing support from our agency to help BCOs transition smoothly into Landstar.

Load Alerts

Load Alerts

A user-friendly tool that allows BCOs to set their load criteria and have alerts sent via phone or email as soon as loads become available.

BCO Appreciation

You Are Not Just Another Truck Number at Landstar

We want you to know how much we appreciate you and your service. Our appreciation days are family-oriented and are included with fun-filled meals, contests, and “thank you” prizes. During this time, we celebrate the Landstar Million Mile Safe Driver All-Star and annual safety awards. We want to showcase your achievements while extending our appreciation.

We appreciate each of our BCO’s so much that every year, we hold the Landstar All-Star Truck Giveaway. Each year Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers and Road stars have the chance of winning a new truck with their safe driving records and professionalism.

Besides the appreciation giveaways, we invite all Landstar owner-operators to attend the Louisville Mid-America Trucking Show and the Dallas Great American Trucking Show in the Landstar Hospitality Room for safety meetings and operational updates.

If you are ready to begin your trucking career and lease on with Landstar, contact our recruiting agency today at 330-484-6013 Ext. 2.

The main reason I chose Landstar is the freedom, flexibility and stability. With over 10k owner operators, that speaks volumes,. They are an all around great company, I have no regrets.

Dave Smitty, Landstar Fleet Owner

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