Owner-Operator Driving Opportunities

Landstar trucking offers many different owner-operator driving opportunities that fit any lifestyle or goal. Whether you want to haul your own trailer or lease one from the Landstar trucking company, there is plenty of freight and truck driving opportunities for owner-operators, teams, or small fleet owners.

Reading below, you see how each opportunity is different and how it could fit into your needs as an owner-operator. Whether you are interested in time at home, pay, or freight, Landstar offers something for everyone. If you are interested in becoming an owner-operator at Landstar, you can contact one of our recruiters today at 330-484-6013 Ext. 404 and go through your options.

Finding Your Perfect Driving Opportunity

As an owner-operator, each driver is different. While you may be more interested in the type of freight you haul, the next owner-operator is more interested in the revenue he can bring in, no matter the type of freight. There are also opportunities for owner-operators to drive solo, team driving, and different driving types. There can be advantages and disadvantages to each depending on your interest.

Team Driving Opportunities

With team driving, you can increase your miles. Some advantages of team driving include:

  • More miles = more pay
  • Receive better freight
  • Companionship while out on the road

Solo Driving Opportunities

When you drive solo – you can enjoy your own freedom. Come and go as you please. Some advantages of solo driving include:

  • Freedom – come home when you want. Go out on the road when you want. Drive as long as you want (while still following HOS regulations).
  • Flexible Schedule – this goes together with freedom. If you want to go home for a family event, you can do so. Your schedule is in your hands.
  • Receive more driving options such as cross-country, security-intensive, and urgent loads that Team drivers cannot take.

Choose Different Freight Types

As an owner-operator, you will need to decide which freight type best fits your needs, schedule, and lifestyle. Below are some different freight types that Landstar offers, along with their benefits.

Dry Van

  • Choose your own loads from all over the country at competitive rates.
  • 65% of the line haul
  • 100% of the fuel surcharge
  • Weekly settlements
  • Discounts on fuel and tires
  • Cargo insurance included
  • Trailer rental available for vans

Flatbed/Stepdeck Trucking

  • Truckload and less-than-truckload freight available
  • 73% of the line haul
  • 100% of the fuel surcharge
  • Weekly settlements
  • Discounts on fuel and tires
  • Cargo insurance included
  • Trailer rental available for flatbeds, step decks, and rgns
  • Not every Landstar load needs to be tarped.
  • Owner-operators can haul flatbed even if they do not have experience. A two-day securement class is required to haul flatbed loads.

Heavy Haul or Specialized

  • Great rates on hauling heavy haul loads.
  • Truck drivers can qualify for heavy haul after two years of flatbed or step deck over-sized experience with Landstar.

Ammunition & Explosive Freight (AA&E)

  • Great rates for teams.
  • Team only freight.

Choose Your Driving Type

As you know, owner-operators are their own boss. You can run if you want, come home when you need to, and pick and choose which days you want to haul. This falls under the different driving types for owner-operators. Below are the different driving types to choose from.

Over-the-Road (OTR)

Over-the-road driving is where you can drive any length of the country without any boundaries. There are some advantages of OTR driving which include:

  • Travel Pay – as an OTR driver, you get paid to see the beautiful country. See things you may not have been able to see before.
  • Long Hauls – no more multiple stops within the day. Instead, choose long hauling and hit the open road without any stops until you reach your destination.
  • More Pay – when you travel more miles in a day, this equals more pay.

Have you found your perfect starting point? Does one driving opportunity stand out from the rest? Are you more interested in team driving or solo driving? There are many options to choose from. You may also need to consider how these decisions will affect your everyday life and family back home.

If you have any questions regarding the owner-operator driving opportunities discussed above, contact our Trucking Agency at 330-484-6013 ext. 404 or click on the live chat button to chat with one of our recruiters. We are here to help you better understand these decisions so you can make the best choice for your family and career.