Landstar Maximizer Mobile App

Landstar has rolled out another mobile application targeting owner-operators and Business Capacity Owners (BCOs). This app will help their business succeed by locating revenue and keeping their trucks loaded and on the road. Along with the Landstar Load Board, Landstar has launched a new app called Landstar Maximizer. This app has a powerful search engine that gathers available loads which meets your criteria and allows owner-operators the option for multileg and full-week hauls.

Rocco Davanzo Landstar’s Transportation Logistics executive vice president explains that “The app draws from the Landstar available load board to create multileg runs based on the BCO’s selected criteria. It was designed to help BCOs spend less time searching for loads, with less downtime between loads.”

With the Landstar Maximizer, you are the boss. You get to choose where and when you begin and end as well what type of trailer you pull. Once you have input that information you simply click “ASK MAX” and the app does all the work for you. It combines the best loads within your search criteria, revenue, total number of miles, and total rate per mile.

Landstar believes this app is not only beneficial to current truckers but new truck drivers coming into the industry. As a new truck driver, you do not have all the connections, and this app gives you an opportunity to jump feet first and begin earning revenue with your very first load.

Not only can the app benefit new truckers, but it can also help fleets with multiple trucks. Managing multiple trucks can become a headache at times finding the perfect loads that meet each driver’s need. With one hit of a button, the Landstar Maximizer app can find loads for each driver, this not only saves time but puts money in your pocket.

Landstar Maximizer app is available for all Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. You can visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store and download the Landstar Maximizer app. To access the available loads, you can log into the app using your LandstarOnline username and password.

Take a look into the Landstar Maximizer App

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