Landstar Load Board

Landstar’s load board keeps drivers loaded and on the road. The online load board is easy for everyone to use and is equipped with different search features to match each trucker’s load criteria. With over a thousand different loads to choose from, this gives owner-operators the ability to maintain their freedom as well as pick up and haul loads on their own time without any interference in their personal lives.

Benefits of Landstar’s Load Board

The features in Landstar’s online load board can benefit many owner-operators by increasing revenue opportunities, growing their business, less downtime, search loads meeting criteria quicker and allowing you more time at home. Using the freight load board can provide you with the opportunity to pre-plan your routes. Having this option will let you stay on the road and reduce your downtime as well as be closer to the family when needed.

The freight load board is also equipped with alerts that can be sent straight to your smartphone or tablet. Once you have entered a specific load criterion, load alerts will send you a notification when a load is nearby. Setting up your load alerts only take a few minutes and is simple to use so you can focus on operating your truck safely and ensuring your business stays successful.

Other benefits of the Landstar Load Board include:

  • Specific search criteria including trailer type, origin, destination, dates, weight, miles, revenue, and rate per mile.
  • View details of the load including revenue, the rate per mile, load dates/times, weight, miles, load age, and load comments.
  • Filter search results by revenue, the rate per mile and age.
  • Get in touch with Landstar Agents to guarantee the load and ask any questions.
  • Save load search results for easier accessibility.
  • Hide loads that are not relevant to your search criteria.
  • Create a list of interested loads.

Setting Up Load Boards

Landstar’s Load Board app is quick and easy to set-up as well as operate. To access the Load Board, just download “Available Loads” on your smartphone or tablet and sign-in using your current LandstarOnline username and password.

Inside Landstar’s Load Board

With the load board, you create your own freedom. You are free to choose which load you want to take depending on different search criteria. This helps you ensure your business is thriving as well as keep you on and off the road when you wish. Below are different search criteria you can choose from within Landstar’s Load Board app.

  • loadboard a
  • loadboard b
  • loadboard c
  • loadboard d