Truck Stop and Service Availability During COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the United States, the state, local, and federal governments continue to try and lessen the curve and reduce spreading by encouraging “social distancing.” While social distancing may be helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19, what is this doing to the essential truck drivers over the road?


Local governments have already taken precautions by shutting down dine-in restaurants and bars. Since dine-in restaurants, including fast-food chains, have been limited to only carry-out and delivery, this has become a challenge to many truck drivers finding a hot meal.

Along with restaurants and bars, truck stops have also taken many precautions to help reduce COVID-19. Truck stops are often a driver’s rest area, or where they can stop and get a hot meal, shower, or social break. And while these areas have also put limitations on the number of people who can be in their establishment, as well as closing restaurants, truck stops are still working with truck drivers to ensure they have a place to rest and food in their stomachs.

Below are some standard precautions truck stops are taking.

Loves Truck Stop

Loves Truck Stop is complying with the local mandates. These rules are set in place to protect not only our team members but also the health and safety of our customers. All self-serve roller grills, coffee and drink stations, and delis have changed to being served by Love’s team members. Only Love’s team members will be allowed to serve self-serve products to customers. Loves locations where restaurants are in the building, they have changed their operating hours to 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. They are only offering drive-thru and carry-out options. From Loves Truck Stop, “We appreciate your patience and business during this time. We’re working to continue serving our customers who are keeping America running!”

Pilot Truck Stop

Certain food selections are being closed during the overnight hours. While this may cause trouble for some professional drivers during these hours, Pilot has provided other food options that are still open. Pilot truck stop is complying with the federal and state policies that have been set for the United States and Canada, which will be mentioned below. Also, if and when a COVID-19 diagnosis has been made at a Pilot location, we as a team will shut down operations and have a professional third-party thoroughly sanitize the entire area to keep our staff and customers safe.

At Pilot Truck Stop locations, the following changes and precautions are being made:

  • All Pilot stores will remain open but may have service closures depending on local circumstances.
  • All Pilot stores will continue serving gas, diesel, and DEF.
  • Showers are still open at all locations.
  • Self-serve food stations, including soup and roller grill stations, are closed. Instead, pre-packaged deli food will be available to purchase.
  • Dine-in options and quick-service restaurants are closed during this time.
  • Driver lounges will also be closed at all locations.
  • In Illinois, Nevada, and Louisiana, game rooms will be closed.

TA-Petro Shopping Centers

TA and Petro Stopping Centers are taking all the safety and health precautions to help protect staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. TA-Petro Shopping Centers are following the precautions from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Below are some of the updates and precautions TA-Petro Shopping Centers are taking to protect the health and safety of their customers:

  • Fuel lanes will remain open without fuel rationing. TA-Petro team members are frequently cleaning fuel pumps and pin pads.
  • All TA locations will stay open, and RoadSquad 24-Hour Roadside Assistance will also remain available to drivers.
  • Showers are open, and customers can still request and reserve showers from the mobile app. However, staff members are frequently cleaning showers and bathrooms.
  • All truck parking, including Reserve-It, remains open and available.
  • TA-Petro locations are increasing all cleaning efforts by using the best-in-class cleaning solutions that are also safe to be used around foods.
  • Driver Lounges and Fitness Centers are closed at this time.
  • The following foods will be individually wrapped according to the state and local health department regulations: pretzels, apples, hot dogs, pastries, and donuts.
  • Self-serve areas are not open. However, coffee and other beverage are available at restaurants. Also, customers are not allowed to use refillable cups. Instead, they are advised to use disposable cups that will still be available at the refill price. Customers need to inform cashiers that they want to participate in the refillable mug program.
  • All customers and employees are encouraged to follow the CDC recommendations of social distancing when able, frequent hand washing, and staying home when feeling sick.

From the team at TA-Petro Shopping Centers, “Thank you for continuing to allow us to serve you as we navigate through this unprecedented time together. Thank you for your continued service – we appreciate all you do to keep our economy moving.”

While COVID-19 may be changing many of the things we are used to doing, truck stops around the United States are working hard to keep their establishments open and running to help support the Heroes of the United States. Thank you to those who continue to keep the United States up and running! From everyone at Landstar, you are appreciated, and we thank you! Stay safe!