More Trucking Companies Close – Lease on with Landstar

Over the last month, many trucking companies have shut their doors. A few to bankruptcy and a few due to safety hazards by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Leaving many questions for truckers regarding their careers.
owner operator career

It is not uncommon for a company to go out of business, regardless of the size. However, when you are a truck driver, and the miles you drive or do not drive can not only impact your income but can often leave you stranded on the side of the road. This is because your future is in someone else’s hands.

Many of the drivers affected by these company shutdowns were employees. Employed truck drivers or company drivers had no control over if or when they would drive. Many were left sitting wondering how they would get home.

While there are many perks to driving for someone else, there is a downside as well. Here we break down the perks and downsides to both owner-operators and company drivers.

If you are looking to make a career change or change to further your driving career. Read on because this could help you make the better decision.


In each scenario, company driver vs. owner-operator, there are perks and downsides.

The Perks of Employed Company Driver

  • When you park your truck at a terminal, you are done working
  • Maintenance is on the company – not you
  • Job security – the job market is huge. Trucking jobs are a dime a dozen
  • No out of pocket expenses to start driving

The Downside of Employed Company Driver

  • You often earn less money with more time on the road.
  • Less time at home
  • Shared truck – slip seating
  • Strict rider policies – for humans and pets.
  • Dependency on the company you drive for to find your loads. Usually forced dispatch

The Perks of Being an Owner Operator

  • Higher Pay- you have the potential to earn more money on your own terms.
  • No slip seating or sharing trucks
  • Non-Forced dispatch – you pick if and when you drive.
  • Flexible time off
  • Safety – You have control of your equipment. You do not rely on a company to provide for your safety while you are driving their fleet

The Downside to Owner Operator

  • Financial implications – Owning your own truck takes cash or monthly payments.
  • Time off – while you may have more time off, often your time will be eaten up in repairs and maintenance at the shop. Don’t forget it takes time to keep your records for tax purposes.
  • Stress – Owning your own business can add a bit of pressure. You are taking a financial risk and have to prepare for the unexpected.

The benefits of becoming an owner-operator and leasing to Landstar

  • The 3rd largest trucking company and non-asset-based transportation services, Landstar serve not only the USA but also Canada and Mexico.
  • Solid reputation and in business for over 20 years.
  • There are no company drivers. The load board is geared for Business Capacity owner-operators (BCO) only. This puts you in charge of your trucking business.
  • 100% non-forced dispatch – you pick what, when, and where you load and drive. The routes are yours – even region specific.
  • Thousands of agencies partnered with Landstar that post on the load boards.
  • Load board posts – rates, type of freight, pick up and delivery times and locations.
  • Percentage Pay – Business capacity owners (BCO) are compensated by a fixed percentage of the revenue generated from the freight they haul. As rates increase, so will the compensation
  • Fuel Billings & Savings – Landstar passes back 100% of all billed fuel surcharges to BCOs. Landstar Contractors’ Advantage Purchasing Program (LCAPP) is a cost-savings program available to Landstar Business Capacity Owners from the first day of leasing to help Landstar BCOs lower their operating costs.
  • Driver Support – Even though you are your own boss and company owner, you are not alone. We provide the tools and resources necessary to succeed that starts from the first day in orientation to booking your next load. Once on the road, we are just phone call away with more than 1,200 Landstar employees to help you every mile of your journey.

Every year Landstar gives away a brand-new truck from the annual Deliver to Win Truck Giveaway.  Every BCO earns entries by hauling safe and compliant loads. BCO’s have the opportunity for additional entries by voluntarily participating in Landstar safety meetings, events, and business classes, as well as monthly online contest entries through

Landstar is an ideal company with substantial financial and administrative backing for owner operator truck drivers that want to drive on their terms and operate their own trucking companies.

Drivers are being recruited for:

  • Van Drivers for general freight
  • Reefer Drivers for temperature-controlled freight
  • Flatbed Drivers for step deck and flatbed services
  • Heavy Haul Services for oversized or heavy freight
  • Specialized trailers such as double drop, removable goosenecks, extendable and multi-axels
  • Tanker Drivers for liquids such as gasoline, crude oil, diesel fuel, dry bulk, and milk

If you want to be a part of a team, treated like family and have the peace of mind of your own future as an owner operator, call us today!