Food Deals for Truck Drivers

Since COVID-19, everyone understands the impact this pandemic is having on the United States. With truck drivers and health care workers being on the frontlines of this pandemic, retailers and restaurants are supporting our essential drivers by offering different specials to help make it easier for drivers to receive a good meal. Below we have compiled a list of various restaurants showing their support to all truck drivers across the United States. 

Food Service for Truck Drivers

• Cracker Barrel – offering free coffee and fountain drinks to all truck drivers
• Denny’s – offering 15% off online orders through May 25th with the coupon “Driver15.”
• McDonald’s – since McDonald’s does not accept walk-up orders, truck drivers can use the McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app when arriving at the restaurant. Next, select Curbside Service and walk to the “Trucker” curbside sign, and an employee will bring your order outside.
• Papa John’s – Truck Drivers can use the code “DELIVER25” to receive 25% off their order. This offer is valid through 12/2020.
• Starbucks – offering free coffee to frontline workers during COVID-19.
• Texas Roadhouse – call ahead to place an order, and an employee will deliver your order. However, drivers should call ahead to ensure there is plenty of parking.
FHA Allowing Food Trucks at Rest Areas

This program was initiated and approved by the Federal Highway Administration on April 3,2020 private owned food trucks could sell food in rest areas along interstate highways. While this is not normally allowed by federal law, this gives private food truck businesses a economical chance but also gives travelers and over the road truck drivers and carriers additional food options.
Because the majority of restaurants have closed their dining options and have went to drive-through only or curb-side pickup to implement the guidelines in place to flatten the curve of COVID-19, truck drivers are encountering fewer dining options than normal. Drive-thru and curbside only, is not conducive to large trucks.
While many private truck stops and travel plazas continue to stay open to serve the trucking industry, there are often mile in between. Utilizing rest stops for additional food options is a great way to continue to give back to the over-the-road drivers. Food trucks will be allowed to serve food between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. every day. Keep in mind, food trucks at rest areas is an exception, and once the national emergency declaration ends, so will the food truck option.