More Trucking Companies Close During 2019 than 2018

In December of this year alone, two major trucking companies, Celadon Group filed for bankruptcy December 9th putting 2,553 drivers out of work. G.D.S. Express, an Akron Ohio based trucking company with 75 trucks, shut down without warning on December 17.

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During the first few months in 2019, the trucking industry has seen more trucking companies close their doors than what was seen in 2018. Many believe that tariffs could be one of the most significant factors in the trucking industry. Tariff taxes seem to be the main reason for the lower freight demand, however, other trucking companies seem to struggle with over expansion and are forced to close their doors.

Within the first six months of 2019 – we have seen over 600 trucking companies close. On average, each company had around 30-50 drivers. This equals about 20,075 drivers out of work. Comparing these numbers to 2018, about 310 trucking companies closed.

For many, the trucking industry may seem like a shaky ground filled with uncertainty. However, leasing on with Landstar, a stable company you can trust can keep you on the road, making money.

Why Lease with Landstar

Landstar has been in business for over 20 years and has been named the 3rd largest trucking company that serves the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


With Landstar, there are no company employee drivers. Landstar only has owner-operators. With Landstar, you are your own boss. Why you are in control of your own hours and when you haul loads, with Landstar, you are never alone. Landstar provides all owner-operators with the tools and technology to run a successful business.

100% Non-Forced Dispatch

Landstar is not like other trucking companies. With Landstar, you get the freedom of being 100% non-forced dispatch. You are in control of when you load, where you haul, and what type of load you haul. You are also in control of which routes you take.

Landstar Load Board

With the free online Landstar Load Board, you can stay connected with loads specific to your needs. With the easy to use tools, you can find loads quickly and filter through specific criteria including rates, type of freight, pick-up location, delivery times and locations. Finding freights has never been easier.

Percentage Pay

Landstar Business Capacity Owners (BCOs) are reimbursed with a fixed percentage for revenue from fright they have hauled. When the rates increase, so do your compensation.

While you may be in control of your own success, with Landstar, you are not entirely alone. All owner-operators are provided with the necessary resources and tools to have a successful business from the time you sign on with Landstar. Once you hit the road, Landstar continues to support their drivers and help you with each mile.

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