How Owner Operators Lease on to Landstar

Driving a Better Career for a Better Life – How to Lease with Landstar

Do you own your own truck and want to lease on to a carrier? Are you tired of driving for a company where you are forced to take loads? There are a few things to consider before leasing onto a company as an owner-operator.


You already know the industry but making the transition from company driver to an owner-operator is quite different than it is to change trucking companies.

More than likely, the decision to switch is because you want to provide a better life, more income, or more freedom. Leasing to Landstar trucking may be your solution.

Obviously, you will need to do your homework, and determine which motor carrier is best for your specific situation.

It is Easy to Lease on to Landstar

If you are at least 23 years old or older, with a valid class “A” CDL with HazMat or combination endorsement, and a valid three-year over-the-road driving record the hard part of leasing onto Landstar is over. See the list of driver requirements in advance.

Landstar Application Process

The Landstar application process is quite simple.

1. Connect with a recruiter and provide your contact information
2. Complete the application
3. Verification process of driving reports and work references
4. Provide any documents needed
5. Tractor inspection and drug test
6. Attend 2-day orientation training

Once you have completed these six (6) steps, it takes about 30 days for the application approval process, and then you are ready to book your first load.

Benefits of Leasing to Landstar

When leaving a trucking company as a company driver and making the switch to an owner-operator, there will be differences. As a company driver, benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and investment opportunities are the norm and maybe missed. However, you will also miss the forced dispatch and the feeling of being tied down to fattening someone else’s pocket for the fruits of your labor. Another perk of working with Landstar, you are not locked into driving for just one agent, you can choose to drive for one, or multiple independent agents. The miles are endless!

100% non-forced dispatch means that you are free to choose any load. You are free to pick your type of freight, the destination, and the frequency. This alone gives you the freedom to make decisions about your life the way you see fit. Overall – fattening your own pocket as often as you would like.

It is not uncommon for owner-operators that lease to Landstar to make between $80,000 to $175,000 in gross revenue per truck. These numbers fluctuate based on each owner-operator because all truck drivers have different needs.

Landstar has a unique percentage pay model that, instead of chasing miles, pays a percentage of 65 -75% of the load, depending on trailer type and ownership. Instead of paying a per mile set rate, this pay model benefits owner-operators for choosing higher-paying loads! 100% of fuel charges and tarp charges are paid back to owner-operators. Settlements are paid weekly, so no waiting or cash crunch.

Keep the Miles Running with the Landstar Load Board

The free load board mobile app is easy to use, with search tools that help find the loads that are right for you. Preplan your trips with load board alerts – set the load you desire, keep your eyes on the road, and let the Landstar load board alerts notify you when a load that fits your description is available. You will know in real-time the type, origin, destination, dates, weight, miles, and pay before you choose the load.

When working for Landstar, there are over 10,000 trucks driven by Landstar-leased owner-operators within its network. So, you never feel alone out on the road. Landstar operates one of the largest owner-operator fleets in the country.
Even though you may have been in the trucking industry for years, Landstar offers continuing education through many tools, technology, and training. Online training programs and tutorials for CSA, Hazmat, and Hours of Service and safety training are provided to help you succeed in your business. Because that is precisely what you are, you are a business – your own trucking company.

Your success depends on what is important to you. With thousands of loads to choose from, backing from a reputable company, and multiple different driving opportunities to choose, your success is our success.

We are looking for teams and solo-owner operators for van, heavy-haul, platform, and flatbed. If you want a better career for a better life, apply today!