Load & Pay Questions

  • How often does Landstar pay and when do I get paid?

    Landstar pays weekly so as long as your bills are in 2 days prior to the end of the pay week you will be paid for those loads. The day you signed on with Landstar will be the day you get paid. For example if your sign on day was Thursday, you will get paid every Thursday as long as your bills are turned in on Tuesday.

  • How does “Percentage Pay” work?

    Landstar owner operators are compensated on a fixed percentage of the load revenue for each load you haul. The owner operator pay will vary depending on whether you haul your own trailer or lease a trailer from Landstar.

  • How much do we get for empty miles or loaded?

    Landstar pays only load miles so deadhead are your responsibility. Landstar pays a percentage of the gross revenue per load, and it is your choice if/where you move after you get empty. Or, how far you are willing to chase after your next load.

  • How much does it cost to pull a Landstar trailer?

    Landstar pays a percentage of the gross revenue. If you pull a Landstar trailer, you would get 65% of the total gross revenue plus fuel surcharge (FSC). If you hauled your own trailer, you would get 72% plus FSC. Our loads average around 1.20 to 2.00 gross so you would take your percentage of that and then add your fuel in.

  • How do I pay for the fuel?

    I would have a fuel card and the fuel expenses would come out of the commission statement, correct? Yes, you would be issued a fuel comdata card which Landstar would load your fuel surcharge (FSC) on. Landstar will also allow you to take a 30% advance on a load and they will load that on our fuel card. Once signed on with Landstar they will lend money on a case by case basis and deduct it from your settlements.

  • Do you have a program to get loads directly if you are not a Landstar driver?

    If you have your own authority, you can become an approved carrier for Landstar. Contact the corporate office at (800) 872-9400 extension 2582, and they will help you fill out all the necessary paper work to become an approved carrier.

  • Once I find a load on the load board, how do I book it?

    After you have found a load, you will call the agent and agree to take the load. They will give you a freight bill number along with the load details.

  • How do we obtain a bill of landing for the client?

    After we pick the load do we write it by hand, or do we go to an agent to get it printed? When you pick up the load the customer should have the bill of lading.

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