General Landstar Questions

  • What is the difference between a Landstar BCO and an Owner-Operator?

    Landstar refers to its leased owner operators as BCOs or Business Capacity Owners. An owner operator has dispatchers, but a BCO is the dispatcher. With Landstar, BCOs choose their own freight and set their own schedules. At Landstar there is no forced dispatch.

  • Where are the orientation centers located?

    Landstar orientation centers are located In the following states: Indianapolis, Indiana; Grand Prairie, Texas; Reno, Nevada; Rockford, Illinois; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Florida. You’ll have the option to attend the one closest to you.

  • Do I need to drive my truck to orientation?

    No, you can drive your personal vehicle to orientation. Landstar will pay for your hotel and food during your 2-day orientation.

  • How long is orientation?

    Orientation is the last step to becoming a Landstar BCO. This 2-day event runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

  • What states or areas do you run?

    We run all 48 states including Canada and Mexico.

  • What states are you hiring owner operators?

    We’re hiring owner operators and teams for all 48 states including Canada and Mexico.

  • What if I want to run regional?

    Yes, you can run regional. Remember Landstar is non-forced dispatch which means you pick and choose your loads and run any region you want.

  • Does Landstar use paper of electronic logs?

    Landstar is currently switching over to an electronic log system at the present time. Installation and the cost of the unit are paid for by Landstar.

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