Using Premium Diesel to Keep Your Fleet Running

As an owner-operator, you must make many decisions regarding your trucking business. Which type of fuel to use is one of them. You may think typical diesel fuel is the best for your truck. However, owner-operators do not realize that premium diesel fuel can help increase the efficiency and longevity of your truck.

Using additives is what differs between premium fuel and standard-grade diesel fuel. Using additives can help extend the life of your engine and fuel. But what are the benefits of using premium diesel fuel? Below we answer these questions.

Benefits of Premium Diesel Fuel

Clean Engine – Detergents help keep your engine components and fuel clean. Detergents in diesel fuel reduce buildup that can occur on engine parts. Having clean parts results in fuel efficiency and better horsepower.

Prevents Buildup – Injection stabilizers tackle any corrosion caused by fuel and any buildup in the injectors. Helping reduce buildup can help prevent downtime and maintenance, which can be costly.

Reduce Moisture – Demulsifier helps keep water separate from the fuel – this helps prevent moisture in the fuel system. Also, this can help reduce less wear on injectors and result in fewer filter replacements.

Fast Start-Ups – Cetane helps measure how quickly the air and fuel are mixed to start your engine. Having premium diesel fuel gives you higher cetane – this means short delay and better ignition quality. This helps to have a faster start-up and lower wear on your starter and battery.

Lower Friction – Having lubrication in your engine helps reduce friction. Diesel lubrication reduces the wear and friction on the fuel pump and injector. These specific engine parts are under a lot of pressure. Adding friction-reducing agents help provide 10 – 15 percent better protection against wear and friction than typical diesel fuel.


When you have a clean engine – your engine will run better, especially when all the components work together. Adding premium diesel to your engine can help give you more power and better fuel economy than regular No. 2 diesel fuel would. Studies show a 4.5% increase in power and a 5% increase in fuel economy with premium diesel compared to typical diesel fuel.