Tips for Starting a Heavy Haul Trucking Business

In the trucking industry, the heavy haul trucking business isin high demand. Many trucking companies focus on overweight and oversized freight. However, when looking to start your own heavy haul trucking business, one important aspect is to understand the rules and regulations. Every heavy haul driver must follow these rules as they help protect loads. Every heavy haul trucking business needs the following:

  • Heavy haul equipment
  • Access to the right resources
  • Understanding the trucking industry and the flexibility to change when trucking trends

Heavy Haul Trucking Business Tips

Gain Knowledge

Before digging your heels in starting a heavy haul business, you must first know and understand the trucking requirements and laws. All transportation services are regulated and even more so with heavy haul shipments. Heavy haul shipments are held to a higher standard because of the risk of dangerous materials and increased risk when traveling. If you are not experienced in heavy hauling, it is important to take courses and get certified in heavy hauling.

Name Your Business

Once you have fully understood what it takes to be an owner of a heavy hauling trucking business, your next step would be to file a business name. When choosing a business name, think of the different services your offer and incorporate this into your name. Also, your business name cannot be the same as another registered business, and you will need to decide how you want to structure your business. This can include the following:

  • Corporation
  • LLC
  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship

Once you have chosen the structure, you will need to research on the name you have chosen. Check the Secretary of State’s (in which the state your business will be located) to see if the name is available to you. On this website, it will give you information on the steps you need to follow to register your business name. Once you have locked your business name in, you will need to create a URL for your business. This should not be similar to other companies as this could cause confusion to your customers and possibly lead customers to another business.

Purchasing Equipment

After getting your business name set in order, you will need to start looking to purchase the equipment you will need to have a successful business. Before making a big purchase, ensure that you understand what the different equipment options available. Your business will need different trucks in different sizes according to your services provided. In some cases, you will also need to purchase equipment to help load and unload the trucks, keep inventory safe, and fix any damaged parts.

Purchasing these different types of equipment can become expensive. However, if you are not in a situation to buy these different equipment types outright, you can rent the items until you are ready to purchase them. Renting, leasing, or buying equipment through a loan option can be more cost-effective.

Licensing and Insurance

Anyone who operated heavy machinery will need to carry a license. Obtaining a commercial license can take some time. However, choosing drivers who already have their commercial license can help speed this process up. Also, all equipment will need to have a license.

In the trucking industry, it is important to carry insurance on all equipment. It can be quite expensive to carry insurance on all your equipment. Instead of pulling insurance policies out on each equipment, start small and work your way up as you gain more revenue. When you begin gaining customers and authority, you can increase your team and fleet along with insurance.

Find Resources and Connections

Once you have leased or purchased all the necessary equipment, you will need to find reliable resources and connections. Many heavy hauling businesses decide to partner up with other companies within the industry to offer different services to the community. When first starting out, it can be hard to develop an excellent cliental without connections or resources in the trucking industry. Start by building healthy and reliable relationships with other reputable professionals in the heavy haul transportation industry.

As a new business owner in the heavy haul trucking industry, it can be hard to find and book your own loads. Using load boards are a good place to start. While they can be competitive, they can also help you build cliental and get your business known.