Owner-Operators Facing Diesel Fuel Shortages

Earlier this year, diesel fuel prices started decreasing for several weeks. However, since then, the prices have been steadily increasing to about $5.00 a gallon and, in some places, even more. Therefore, there may be a diesel fuel shortage just around the corner. According to the Energy Information Administration, the United States only has a 25-day diesel fuel reserve, the lowest since 2008. With this shortage, not only will the trucking industry be affected, but farmers trying to harvest crops, container ships, and trains delivering goods and foods all rely on diesel. The longer these prices remain high, the more it will affect the cost of everything else.

Currently, the country is already facing high inflation, and the prospect of a diesel shortage can cause these numbers to rise. During the pandemic, the rates became higher, and the rates can offset the fuel cost. With customers now looking to reduce rates, many smaller carriers and owner-operators looking to keep or secure new businesses are having a difficult time.

Small carriers and owner-operators cannot pass the fuel cost on to the customers. Larger carriers such as Landstar can offer a higher fuel surcharge to help owner-operators with the cost of fuel. But still, every driver will feel the effects.

With the holiday season and winter months coming, the diesel shortage will affect us all.