Lawsuit Abuse Reform Act for Owner-Operators

Over the years, carriers and owner-operators have been the target of litigation when a semi-truck accident occurs. This is regardless of who was at fault. There have been situations where accidents occurred against owner-operators and carriers have been staged so that the perpetrator could file a lawsuit against them.

The lawyers for the plaintiffs would try to convince jurors that no matter who was at fault, carriers, and owner-operators were to blame, and they were a danger to the nation’s highways. On many occasions, the plaintiff’s lawyers successfully swayed the jurors’ opinions, and the damages awarded were much higher than they should have been.

These awards are commonly referred to as nuclear verdicts. In some instances, companies have settled out of court for outrageous amounts to avoid going to trial and to avoid these nuclear verdicts. Thankfully, states such as Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, and Florida, to name a few, passed a lawsuit abuse reform bill to help combat this problem.

These reform bills have not completely fixed the problem, but they have helped swing opinions that truck drivers are not always at fault, regardless of the situation. Owner-operators and carriers continue to focus on safety and feel that whoever is at fault should be held accountable.

Now is The Time to Act

It is now that the trucking industry takes a stand against those who are targeting trucking companies and drivers who are at fault. When a motor carrier and driver are at fault, they should be held accountable, and those who become injured should be compensated. However, that is if the truck driver is at fault.

The Lawsuit Abuse Reform Act has been a top priority for many years. The best way trucking companies can protect themselves and other motorists are to stay focused on the road and drive safely.