ELDs Risk Shutdown – What is Next?

Most ELDs currently run the 3G network. However, cellular services will begin shutting down all 3G services in 2022. This plan has been underway for many years. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is warning all owner-operators to ensure that the electronic logging devices they are using are compatible with 4G or newer to stay compliant with the ELD mandate.


When will this take effect?

Beginning with AT&T in February 2022, many other mobile carriers will be shutting down their 3G service networks. This is because they are trying to make room for the more advanced networks, including 5G. With that said, any device still running on 3G, including cell phones, ELDs, in-cab cameras, telematics, etc., will no longer be able to upload data. When this goes into effect, anyone still using an out-of-date ELD will no longer be compliant with the ELD mandate. A statement was released by the FMCSA, which states, “…will no longer comply with the technical specifications in the ELD rule after the 3G network it relies on is sunset. When in an area that does not support 3G, a 3G device will register a malfunction. In accordance with 49 CFR 395.34, the carrier has eight days to get the malfunction resolved, in this case by replacement, unless an extension is granted.”

Once AT&T shuts down its 3G service in February, T-Mobile will follow shortly behind in April, then Verizon in December 2022. The FMCSA said that other cell service providers such as Boost, Cricket, Straight Talk, and others use the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks. These services will be affected as well.

It is important to now plan ahead for this change, so you are not pulled from driving. Now is the time to upgrade your ELD if it is still running on the 3G networks.