CVSA Takes Over North American Fatigue Management Program

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is now a part of the North American Fatigue Management Program. This program focuses on helping prevent risks of fatigued driving. It helps encourage drivers and trucking companies to work together to help prevent driver fatigue.

What is the North American Fatigue Management Program?

The North American Fatigue Management Program (NAFMP) is an excellent step in the right direction to help improve truck driver road safety. The CVSA’s involvement will only help make the program more successful. Truck driver fatigue can happen in many ways – and all drivers play a role in preventing fatigue.

The NAFMP was established by sleep and medical scientists from the United States and Canada through a four-year process. The NAFMP focuses on preventing driver fatigue and helping reduce fatigue-related accidents on the roadway by doing the following:

  • The NAFMP offers online fatigue prevention training and education to commercial drivers, motor carrier managers, freight shippers, dispatchers, receivers, spouses and families of truck drivers, safety trainers, and managers.
  • Pointing out sleep disorders and treatment options available.
  • Using driver fatigue technologies
  • Promoting motor carrier safety reflects situations that could cause driver fatigue and how you can prevent it.

With the CVSA taking over, the CVSA plans to help prove this program by doing the following:

  • Providing a forum for you to ask questions and give feedback
  • Hosting live and pre-recorded Q&A sessions
  • Providing information at CVSA conferences and events
  • Holding meetings to talk about any improvements for the program
  • Providing webinars on different topics that relate to fatigue
  • Having Spanish, French, and English content available to accommodate all drivers

If you are interested in learning more about the NAFMP training modules, you can do so through the NAFMP e-learning center or the download-on-demand presentation. The NAFMP is free – and has no obligations to any user. Everyone who uses the NAFMP shares the same goal – better truck driver health and improved roadway safety. Together we can help make our roads safe for everyone.