Coronavirus Protection for Truck Drivers

Besides what over the road drivers are facing with loads during the coronavirus pandemic, the hurdles do not stop there. As many businesses are closing down during the stay at home shut down across the nation, the roads are more congested with trucks with nowhere to go for rest stops. Many are not thinking about the coronavirus protection for truck drivers.


Many public rest-stops along the highways have closed their doors because of the lack of ability to properly clean and stay on top of sanitation. Many restaurants are shut down or have gone to carry out or delivery only. Leaving many drivers with virtually nowhere to get a hot meal or a break outside of the cab of their truck.

Coronavirus outbreak takes a toll on over-the-road driver’s personal hygiene

With the nation shut down to slow the progression of the coronavirus, it is making it hard for drivers to stay on top of their own personal hygiene. Typically, drivers utilize rest areas, restaurants, and fuel stops to wash their hands and take showers. Many fuel stops are banning the use of showers, rest stops, and restaurants are closed.

Drivers are thankful for the fuel stops available to them for fuel, food, showers, and the occasional social interaction. However, these stops are far and few between because most drivers today are on a tight haul schedule to get from point A to point B.

Drivers are constantly hauling into high contaminated areas and often spend days if not weeks at a time in their trucks. With the coronavirus outbreak, it is getting hard to make sure their hands are washed.

Even though truck stops have ramped up their cleaning efforts, it does not solve on the fly sanitation needs.

How drivers can increase sanitation while on the road during the coronavirus outbreak

Because drivers are having to spend more time in their trucks and less time on breaks around other people, it is hard to make sure to wash their hands after fueling, touching doors, or any other hard surface. Many times, eating prepackaged meals without the option of a proper wash with soap and water.

Here are a few tips to help drivers protect themselves during the coronavirus and while on the road.

  • Try to avoid eating at truck stops. Try to take as much food with you as you can. However, if you have to eat at a truck stop, order your food to go and sit in your truck or outside. Try to stay away from as many people as you can. Utilize the truck stop for fueling, taking restroom and wash breaks. Use this time to wash your hands after fueling, and before and after eating.
  • Carry face masks and wear them when entering a public area.
  • Carry hand sanitizer. It is a hot commodity right now and hard to come by. Many truck stops have stocked up and for sale. Make sure you have a generous supply on hand to use when you cannot get to soap and water.
  • Carry a couple of gallon jugs of water in your truck for emergency hand washing. You can get a bar of antibacterial soap to carry with you and wash your hands.
  • When in public areas, do not shake hands, use a different form of acknowledgment such as a wave, a head nod, smiling and vocalizing. Try to stay 6 feet away from people.
  • Wear rubber gloves when fueling, buying supplies, loading or unloading cargo and while tarping and chaining loads.
  • Keep Lysol wipes in your truck for times when you do not have access to soap and water.
  • Make sure to wipe down your steering wheel, seat, dash, and radios frequently.

Covid-19 is spreading quickly in the United States and the world cannot stop while it takes its time to pass. While many of us are not overly concerned about the coronavirus, we need to take special precautions to protect ourselves and our loved one. While the rest of the world is on lockdown, we need to keep trucking. Take extra special care and if you develop flu-like symptoms, do not wait to contact your doctor or a medical professional.

Non-forced Dispatch thanks every one of you for your efforts to keep America rolling.

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